Jul 22, 2013

Chinese presence ... Five years ago Basamuk was an isolated area where no developments took place. Today it is buzzing with activities because of the construction of the Refinery Plant for Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd. Spin-off businesses had sprung up, and people in the locality who in the past found it hard to buy things from town now have cash because they have found work in the refinery. A small market is also a sight of spin-off. Pictured are Ramu NiCo Chinese employees returning from 'Rain Tree' market which locals go there to sell their produce to the workers. The Chinese mostly go for fruits, peanuts and vegetables such as cabbages, pawpaw, ripe banana and kulau to take to their rooms at the new accommodation area built at Basamuk. Picture and Story by JAMES KILA

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