Apr 4, 2010

Telikom PNG partners with Amdocs


STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISE Telikom PNG Ltd has partnered with St. Louis's Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems to deploy Amdocs Compact Convergence - a network-connected, integrated solution for convergent real-time charging, customer care, self care and value-added services (VAS).

In a statement to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Amdocs Compact Convergence said this solution is part of a larger project in which Telrad Networks Ltd., a leading network equipment vendor, is upgrading Telikom PNG's entire network infrastructure.

Currently, Telikom PNG's fixed-wireless, wireline and high-speed data offerings, including WiMAX, ADSL and broadband satellite including prepaid voice, data and SMS services is supported by Amdocs Compact Convergence.

Telikom's Chief Executive Officer Peter Loko (above right) reportedly said the move is in the right direction for the company.

"Using a single solution to manage our products, services and pricing offerings, across all our networks, will allow us to focus on expanding and enhancing our core business," said. Given the local environment, it's crucial to remain competitive by providing services that consumers want and by keeping operational costs low. The Amdocs Compact Convergence solution will help us do just that."

According to the statement on NYSE, the Amdocs Compact Convergence solution will be used to introduce new services such as calling cards, top-up vouchers and multi-wallet capabilities that enable subscribers to use a different wallet for a product or service.

In addition, the solution includes a multi-lingual interactive voice response (IVR) for self-care services such as balance query, balance announcements, top-ups and money transfer. With a single solution and low maintenance and operational costs, Telikom PNG will reduce its total cost of ownership. Telikom PNG will also be able to strengthen its competitive position with new services and pricing options and offer customers an enhanced and personalized experience.

Specifically designed for growth markets, new technologies and new business models, Amdocs Compact Convergence is a complete network-connected solution which enables service providers to quickly design, launch, charge for and manage new offerings.

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